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Announcement of Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Phase-II

The following applicants of Ehsaas Scholarship Phase-II 2020-21 recommended by Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC) of FATA University in its meeting held on
20th April 2021 have been awarded Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship by Higher Education Commission (HEC).
All the awardees are congratulated for securing the scholarship and further directed to submit the following documents to receive the scholarship.

1. The Deed of Agreement for Ehsaas Scholarship containing three pages must be submitted on at least Rs.50/- stamp paper upto Wednesday 7th July 2021 positively (sample attached).
NOTE: All the three pages must be printed on three separate stamp papers.
2. All the awardees must submit CNIC copies of their own, father/guardian and two witnesses along with the properly filled and duly signed deed of agreement.
3. No cutting, erasing, or over-writing on the stamp paper is allowed, so fill the deed of agreement on the stamp paper very carefully.
4. After submission of the above-mentioned documents, all the scholarship awardees will be handed over Ehsaas Scholarship Award Letter.
5. All the awardees are further directed to open a bank account in any branch of Habib Bank Limited (HBL) or National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) upto Monday 12th July 2021 and share their bank account details with the finance/account section of the FATA University.
6. The scholarship amount will be transferred to the awardee’s personal account only, therefore, all the awardees are directed to open bank account on their personal name and CNIC. Account number of father, brother or any other relative will not be accepted.

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