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The Vice-Chancellor is generally a person of eminence having proven ability and leadership skills, and has made significant contribution to higher education as teacher, researcher and academic administrator. He shall be the Chief Executive and Principal Accounting Officer of the University responsible for all administrative, academic and financial functions of the University and for ensuring that the provisions of this Act, Statutes, Regulations and Rules are faithfully observed in order to promote the general efficiency and good order of the University is responsible for providing leadership to the faculty and staff of the University. He is dealing with all the administrative and academic activities of the university and is extending multiple services to the students, faculty, staff and general public. His office is communicating with all the federal and provincial higher education departments, universities, Higher Education Commission, Governor’s Secretariat and other public and private sector national and international organizations for better working relationships in order to promote the general efficiency and good order of the university.

Vice Chancellor


Contact No: 091-5885502