Mission Vision & Goals


The primary mission of the university is to expand the frontiers of human knowledge through provision of excellent conditions for learning and research while the other important aspects of the mission include:

    • To produce graduates of worthy character and sound judgment,
    • To provide excellent instructions, conduct relevant research and foster community engagement that produce highly competent graduates necessary for the development of country,
    • To bridge the gap between academic knowledge and professional skill,
    • To create adequate academic and physical infrastructure for high level performance,
    • To provide adequate facilities to students for effective prosecution of their studies,
    • To build institutional networking for knowledge sharing.


A leading institution of higher learning recognized for its quality transformative education which will create a generation of human resources to successfully meet the global challenges.


FATA University was established in 2013 under the FATA University Regulations. It started its Academic Session in 2016 in order to pursue the following goals:

    • To provide the best undergraduate and postgraduate educational experiences
    • To provide highly qualified faculty of the university in strategic areas where needed
    • To impart goal-oriented high level teaching and research
    • To establish research and scholarship into every discipline of the university
    • To establish interdisciplinary relationship with other teaching and research organizations
    • To organize conferences, seminars, workshops and refresher courses in emerging fields
    • To collaborate with academia and industry, both at national and international level for promoting teaching and research
    • To develop world class facilities to support faculty and student research and their creative endeavors
    • To ensure that every degree of the FATA University continues to grow in value.