One Day Workshop on the HEC Plagiarism Policy & the Use of Turnitin Software

The Directorate of QEC, FATA University has organized one day workshop on “HEC Plagiarism policy and the use of Turnitin software" on April 23, 2019 in the main auditorium of the FATA University. Mr. Suhrab Arshad, Deputy Director QEC, City University, Peshawar was the Resource Person. Mr. Arshad explained in detail the Policy of HEC regarding plagiarism and similarity index. He also gave training to the participants of the workshop on class creation and generation of report in Turnitin software. Furthermore, he also highlighted the importance of research culture and the need of implementing the plagiarism policy in the HEI / DAIs. The participant took part in the workshop with full dedication to get full understanding of the plagiarism policy of the HEC and also to learn how to check the plagiarized documents, reports, assignments and research articles by using Turnitin software.