(Single stage two envelope procedure)


FATA University invites sealed tenders / bids from reputed Frms/Contractors for the following works at FATA University, Darra Adam Khel, FR Kohat under HEC funded PC-1 “Establishment of the FATA University”. The applicant firm must have valid registration with Pakistan Engineering Council for the year 2018-19 with specialized codes, having relevant experience, personal capabilities and financial soundness.



Title of Work

Required PEC category

Estimated Cost

(Rs. Millions)


Last date for submission of bids


Pacakge-6 :
(Construction of  Faculty & Staff Residencies)

C-5 & Above


10 Months

Nov 22,2018


(Construction of External Developmental works)

C-4 & Above


12 Months

Nov 22,2018


Terms and conditions are as under:

The firm should produce attested photo copies of the documents including detailed profile, relevant experience of similar work, details of technical and supporting staff, Machinery and equipments, details of financial soundness, Income Tax Certificates, NTN and valid registration with the Pakistan Engineering Council for the year 2018-2019 in the specialized codes.

  1. The interested firms are required to submit to the undersigned a comprehensive Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal in separate sealed envelopes clearly marked as Technical Proposal & Financial Proposal, for the services required under the Terms of References (TOR’s) of the university, latest by November 22, 2018 till 11:00 A.M. The Technical bids will be opened on the same day at 11:30 A.M. in the presence of bidders/representatives in the FATA University, Darra Adam Khel, FR Kohat.
  2. The selection is based on Single-Stage-Two-Envelop procedure. The financial proposals of those firms will be opened, who qualify on the basis of Technical Proposal as per set criteria. The financial proposals will be returned un-opened to those firms, who do not qualify technically.
  3. The Procurement Agency may reject any or all the tenders / bids at any time prior to the acceptance of a Tender / bid. The Procurement Agency shall upon request communicate to any contractor, who submitted a tender / bid, the grounds for rejection of all proposals.
  4. If the lowest bid costs of two or more than two bidders are the same then the successful bid will be decided through toss in the presence of bidders.
  5. The TENDER DOCUMENTS can be obtained from the office of the Deputy Director Works  FATA University, Darra Adam Khel, FR Kohat on any working day during the office hours on written request on proper letter head along with company/firm profile and Bank Draft of Rs. 5,000/- in favor of the Vice Chancellor FATA University as Tender document’s cost (non-refundable) against each package.
  6. Sealed Financial Proposal must accompanied by a bid security (Earnest Money), 2% of the Estimated Tender Cost, in the form of Call Deposit Receipt (CDR) in original from scheduled bank of Pakistan in favor of the Vice Chancellor, FATA University.
  7. The bidder must provide 1) an affidavit on Stamp paper that the bid security (Earnest Money) is attached with the Financial Bid and 2) all the other required documents as per evaluation criteria. Failure to which the proposal will not be considered for further processing.
  8. Further detailed Terms and Conditions are given in the Tender Documents.
  9. Must submit affidavit on stamp paper that the applicant‘s firm is not black listed or disqualified by any Govt/Semi Govt Department. 
  10. Must submit affidavit on stamp paper to the effect that the firm is not involved in any litigation with any department in the past and present.
  11. Must submit affidavit on stamp paper properly attested and submitted by the contractor /firm that the statement referred above is correct and nothing has been concealed intentionally.
  12. The bidder who quotes more than 10% below on the estimated cost is required to submit 8% additional security in the shape of Call Deposit Receipt (CDR) with financial bid, otherwise his bid will be considered as non responsive and the 2nd lowest bidder will be considered accordingly.
  13. Bidding shall be done on “%Above/Below/at Par on Scheduled Items and Below/at Par on Non-sch

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