Information Release for Students

This is for information of all the students of FATA University that FATA University is following the guidance of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad in regard to Online Teaching. The HEC has clearly mentioned in print and electronic media that there will be no promotion of the University students to the next semester, including all final year students, without completion of course work through Online Teaching and Assessment program during the present COVID-19 pandemics. The faculty of the FATA University is, therefore, committed to complete the remaining courses of the Spring Semester through Online Teaching. All the arrangements have been completed in this regard.

The management of the FATA University is aware of the fact that most of the students are facing internet problems and will not be able to get benefit of Online Teaching. Considering their problems, an alternate method of delivery of lectures/presentations in the soft and hard form to these student will be adopted soon so that they can study the course material and prepare for assessment and Examination.

Furthermore, a separate section in the name of “Covid-19 Online Teaching” has been created on the FATA University website: whereby all the lectures/presentations and other material related to Online Teaching will be uploaded from time to time regularly. The student will be able to download these materials. They are, therefore, advised to regularly visit the University website. The class time tables of all departments have been modified for online teaching and can be seen at respective department section on the website.

The management of the University will try its best to facilitate the students in Online Teaching program of the University during the present pandemic. As there is no other possible way to proceed with the completion of the current semester, we have to complete the semester requirement with the commitment of the faculty and cooperation of the students as per modified Academic Calendar available at Examination Section of the University website.  Let’s make this Online Teaching program a success so that the disruption in the Academic Calendar for the completion of BS program of the University can be avoided.