Information Release for the Students of FATA University

It is hoped that all the students of the FATA University and their families will be in good health during the present situation of COVID-19 pandemic. This is to inform all of you that the management and faculty of the FATA University are working hard to go through all the possible ways and means to continue the current Spring Semester which has been disrupted due to the closure of the University in the wake of lockdown during this continued wave of COVID-19 pandemic till July 15, 2020. It is not feasible for the University to let the semester go waste by adopting no teaching and no exam policy which will certainly have greater repercussions for educational quality and student achievement. Therefore, the students should try their best to complete the requirements of the semester as per Semester Rules of the University through Online-teaching. In this way there will be no disruption in the academic career of the students.

The management of the FATA University has decided to continue the completion of pending course work of the current Spring Semester through Online-teaching from the first week of June, 2020 as per the Higher Education Commission Policy Guidance No. 5 (Online Readiness) till the opening of the University after July 15, 2020. In this regard, the following steps have been taken so far:

1.     Online Academic Committee/Council (OAC) has been constituted.

2.     Preparation of online quality teaching presentations of the approved courses and their delivery methods are underway.

3.      The SOPs for Online-teaching have already been approved.

4.      The online teaching arrangements have been made by using a variety of technological tools (such as Google-Meet/Hangout, ZOOM, WhatsApp etc.) in delivering lectures and discussion and also the soft and print material will be provided to students through any possible mean.

5.     The training of all teaching faculty is planned to be conducted very soon.

The management of the University in consultation with the faculty (both regular & visiting) is designing such a mechanism of teaching and conduct of exams which will fulfil the standards set by the HEC on one hand and impart quality education to the students including those who have no access to the internet on the other hand. The students will be provided online teaching through regular lectures and the videos of lectures/presentations by every teacher and related print material will also be delivered to the students by various means. The students and teachers consultation / interaction mechanism is also under consideration.

The management of the University will take all steps to complete the course work requirement of Spring Semester in the best interest of the students but the students should also realize the fact that the online teaching will certainly have many difficulties in understanding the lectures as compare to that in the class. Their cooperation and commitment will enable the University management to complete this task in a satisfactory manner. The students will be regularly informed in this regard via University website: and official Facebook page.    

Let’s work together in this non-conducive learning environment under the present wake of COVID-19 pandemic and try to defeat it with the commitment in carrying out educational activities without any break.