Vice Chancellor's Message

Prof.Dr. Muhammad Tahir Shah (T.I)

It has been a great pleasure for me to serve as the first Vice Chancellor of this newly established University in the FATA region. After assuming the charge as a Vice Chancellor, I made strong commitment that I will leave no stone unturned in paving the way to the foundation of this University on strong footing. This can only be possible if I succeed in having a team of devoted, intellectual, talented and competent faculty and staff. I would, therefore, welcome everyone who is committed to support me in this cause. I will try my best to attract and retain outstanding faculty and staff to serve this University to their best. As a vice Chancellor, I am deeply committed to provide our students with the best education and a supportive learning environment.


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A library can be considered a store – house of knowledge. In dictionaries the word “library” has been defined as “a building or room containing a collection of books”. A library renders a great service to the society.

A library plays a very important role in promoting the progress of knowledge. There are many people who love reading. But they can’t afford to buy books because the prices of books are very high. So when one becomes a member of a library, he can borrow valuable books. A member can borrow two books at a time and he can keep it with him for two weeks. Libraries are particularly useful for poor children. Even those who are better off can’t afford to buy all the books they require for their studies. For instance, invaluable books like Encyclopedias and large dictionaries cannot be purchased.

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A leading institution of higher learning recognized for its quality transformative education which will create a generation of human resources to successfully meet the global challenges.

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